A Woman's Honor

September 26, 2020

Zoom Theatre! Who doesn't love it? This Saturday, I will be taking part in Metropolitan Playhouse's Virtual Reading of Pulitzer Prize winner Susan Glaspell's 1918 play, A Woman's Honor. 

Directed by Rachael Langton, this production should be an amusing take on how the patriarchy basically hasn't changed at all in the last 100 years. Click the photo for a link to tickets!

Supporting Youth Theatre Companies in the 518!

July 29, 2020

Tonight, I will be taking part in a fundraiser to support youth theatre companies in my hometown like the ones that I was lucky enough to learn from and work with when I was young. If you'd like to watch and donate, click the button. The stream will go live at 8!

The World We Live In

April 01, 2020

Well friends, things have changed in the last month! I am currently in Upstate New York with my parents as we wait out the current pandemic and am definitely feeling the strain of the world. My father tested positive for COVID-19, but luckily his symptoms were relatively mild and short-lived; our quarantine ends tomorrow (though it won't change much of what we're doing to stay safe)! I have a few things going on to keep myself creative and emotionally healthy while we all power through the changes in our world.

First: I am now teaching virtual lessons in guitar and voice via Zoom, FaceTime and Google Hangout. In addition, I am offering completely Pay-What-You-Can lessons to fellow artists as well as others financially impacted by the current pandemic. If you're interested, check out my teaching page and send me an email!

Second: I'm trying to create more, whether it be original music, covers of songs, parodies, mashups, etc. Some of this content will be used to update my website offerings, but most will be posted to my instagram account @jacobtshipley (Click the button below for a direct link!)

Third: I am breathing. I'm catching up on things fallen by the wayside, I'm staying away from too much news. I am trying to support people who are being hurt and will be hurt in more significant ways than myself.

If you have resources to share, want somebody to talk to, want to collaborate on a project, please reach out. Things are changing and it will take time to adjust. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. I am sending all of the good vibes and support I can out into the world. Take care of yourself.

"Afloat" Workshop at WP Theatre

February 23, 2020

“Afloat” Workshop at WP Theatre

This week, I’m honored to be participating in the workshop of “Afloat”, a new musical about friendship, survival and the future of civilization at WP Theatre. The material is great and I can’t wait to see where this project goes.

Book Emily Kaczmarek

Music and lyrics Zoe Sarnak

Director Tamila Woodard

1 / 9

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