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Interested in working with me?

Throughout my years as a performer, nothing has fascinated me quite like the voice. What I have and continue to learn and teach is surprising, exciting, and highlights how much more there is to explore.


Lessons with me focus on:

  1. Finding each student’s unique voice first and then adapting it to specific genres

  2. Teaching students who already have a basis in Musical Theatre or Classical technique how to sing contemporary styles

  3. Using knowledge of the anatomy of the larynx and physics of voice production to lead my students towards long and vibrant careers


Your Unique Voice

Think of your favorite singers - any genre. If you put on a recording of them singing, you immediately know who it is because of the power of their vocal identity. I work with students to develop their own unique voices based on what their bodies naturally want to do. However, sometimes producers are looking for something specific. After establishing a strong and healthy vocal identity of our own, we can then modify and adapt our technique to fit different styles or prompts. By finding what it’s like to sing easily and joyfully from a natural place, it makes for a more flexible and versatile voice in the long run.


Contemporary Styles

Throughout my study of voice and career, I have experienced a lack of understanding around the impacts of singing contemporary vocal styles like rock and folk, specifically in regards to the potential for injury. Yet there is a growing market for these types of singers. For students who are new to singing rock and folk, I will help you build a solid foundation in vowel modifications, dynamics, and phrasing. For those who already have experience with these styles, we will focus on creating efficiency in the way we use the vocal tract to allow for more flexibility and longevity.


A Long and Vibrant Career

I teach from knowledge of how the muscles of the larynx, the physics of “breath support,” and the manipulations of the vocal tract work together to create each individual voice. While I find use in metaphor and singing through sensation, my goal is to teach my students based on what is literally, physically happening inside their bodies. This approach allows me to teach habilitation of the voice: understanding and adapting to various vocal loads, preventing injury through learning style-appropriate technique, and general vocal health.


In my practice, I get to the heart of what “healthy singing” is by destigmatizing vocal injury. There is a myth that injury occurs only from bad technique or through the fault of the singer. This isn’t remotely true. In the fall of 2021, I was in peak vocal shape - performing every week and weekend with great success until one day, at an audition, my voice simply stopped working. This was terrifying. What was happening to my voice? If I was singing so well, how could I have been injured? Will it ever come back? Working with voice therapists, ENT’s, and my own voice coach, I became determined to understand the myriad ways injury occurs and the intricate anatomy and physiology involved. This lead me to studying Vocology at NYU. I hope to offer the same level of clarity and relief that this knowledge has given me to my students.


About Me:

I've led the first national tour of a Broadway musical, led/ensembled/swung regional theater productions, performed at weddings and private events both solo and with bands, rocked bar gigs, toured my own music, contributed vocals to my recorded projects and in collaborations, and even sung baby music classes in the middle of public parks. I’ve been teaching voice since the 11th grade and have had a private studio in NYC since 2018.


If this sounds like a good fit or you simply have more questions, please contact me so we can schedule a time to chat.


BFA Musical Theatre

Ithaca College

Summa Cum Laude

Certificate of Vocology (Candidate)

NYU School of Professional Studies

20+ Years of Personal Study

5+ Years Teaching Privately

What is your rate?

45 min: $60

60 min: $75

If these rates are inaccessible to you or you would like accommodations for shorter/longer lessons and you feel passionately about studying with me, please reach out and we can discuss possible options. 

Where do you teach?

I teach virtual and in person lessons from my home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

If you are looking for in person lessons at your home or at a studio in midtown, please contact me here.

Do you do drop ins?

I do! Drop in students get added to a weekly mass text list announcing available times and can come and go as they like. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before our lesson time. If for some reason you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice and we are able to reschedule for a time within the same week, then we’re good. If rescheduling is not possible, then the lesson fee will be charged. 

Late Policy?

All lessons start and end at their prescribed times. There are no makeups for late arrivals.

Are private lessons right for me?
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