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You have a story. It may be how two people fell in love, a great business idea was formed, or a group of friends was bonded together. And it's so special that you decided to celebrate it. 


You have a venue that resonates like the first time you said “I love you,” food that tastes like the success of your first pitch, a guest list full of everybody who remembers that one time at college where you made an absolute fool of yourself and lived to tell the tale. 


But what does that story sound like? Is it quiet and lovely? Bombastic and exciting? Does it reach out and pull you in or does it roar from behind pushing you onward?


To help you figure this out, you have Jacob Shipley. Jacob is a storyteller first and foremost and will use his vocal and guitar skills to bring that final spark of life to your event. He will work with you to develop a setlist that feels like a continuation of your journey and together, you will create a new story that your guests will be talking about for years to come.


In addition to his original music, you can find a master song list of cover music here. Jacob is always looking to expand his repertoire so if you don’t see something you would like to hear, let him know.


Jacob can be booked as a solo guitarist or as a vocal duo. 

Based in the NYC Metro Area and Upstate New York.

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Interested in booking Jacob?

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