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Phoebe Fucking Bridgers

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Singer songwriter Jacob Shipley (Indie Band Guru, The Other Side Reviews, Music for the Misfits) is a little obsessed with Phoebe Bridgers. Well... maybe more than a little. After all, he did write this song about her called Phoebe Fucking Bridgers. But it’s chill, he just wants to be friends. Out now on all streaming platforms.

This tongue in cheek track could be interpreted as commentary on how we as a society idolize celebrities and a cautionary tale for the concept of “stanning,” but no, it’s just a chill song about Phoebe Bridgers. Jacob may have wanted to release an upbeat song that would help his audience adapt to his more pop-punk inspired songs to come, but it was just that he thought Phoebe would like it like this. He might have been trying to parody Phoebe’s song Kyoto, but nope, you guessed it, he just likes Phoebe Bridgers.

This track was self produced by Jacob Shipley in his apartment, but features some incredible lead guitar parts written by Matthew Gregory, a killer bass line by Katrien Van Riel, and a hot drum track by Mike Lunoe. Mike Lunoe mixed the project and Matthew Gregory mastered it. The cover art was shot by Kathleen Macari and then edited by Jacob Shipley.

And no. He’s not trying to date her. He just wants to be her friend. It says so right in the song. Duh.

Music and Lyrics by Jacob Shipley
Vocals: Jacob Shipley
Lead Guitar: Matthew Gregory Serianni
Rhythm Guitar: Jacob Shipley

Bass Guitar: Katrien Van Riel

Drums: Mike Lunoe

Produced by Jacob Shipley
Mixed by Mike Lunoe
Mastered by Matthew Gregory Serianni

Photo by Kathleen Macari

Cover Art by Jacob Shipley


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