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It’s the moment where “you have to go, but wish you could stay here forever.” Like biting into a fruit and tasting each drop as it touches your lips. That is what drives Jacob Shipley’s (Indie Band Guru, The Other Side Reviews, Music for the Misfits) new single “Persimmon.” 


Born out of a short lived romance, Jacob wrote “Persimmon” hoping that things would have lasted longer, but knowing that it wasn’t in the cards. It’s for those hugs that feel like they’re sucking you back in the second you pull away, the drawn out kisses where the lips can’t seem to separate, and the days where you can’t keep your mind off of who was in your bed that morning. It is a love song for those who have to leave, but can’t bring themselves to go.


This track was produced in remote collaboration with incredible singer/songwriter Sarah Gross who sings, plays synth, and mixed the track. The bass line is by Katrien Van Riel, the drums by Misia Vessio, and the violin by Erikka Walsh. Matthew Gregory mastered the track. The cover photo and art were done by Jacob Shipley.




Music and Lyrics by Jacob Shipley

Lead Vocals: Jacob Shipley

Backing Vocals: Jacob Shipley and Sarah Gross

Acoustic Guitar: Jacob Shipley

Bass Guitar: Katrien Van Riel

Percussion: Misia Vessio

Synthesizer: Sarah Gross

Violin: Erikka Walsh


Produced by Sarah Gross and Jacob Shipley

Mixed by Sarah Gross

Mastered by Matthew Gregory


Cover Photo and Art by Jacob Shipley


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