"Jacob is an amazing teacher!" -Maggie M. (student)

"We cannot recommend Jacob enough!" -Karen S. (parent of student)

"Have recommended to friends and family!" -Nick M. (parent of student)

Jacob Shipley is sitting on a stoop in Brooklyn holding an acoustic guitar and smiling.

As well as being a multi-instrumentalist and performer, I have been working with kids and teaching all ages for nearly a decade now; I love it!

My goal as a teacher is to cultivate a passion and engagement for music within my students. It’s about keeping classes stress free and focused on enjoying the vivacity of performance while pushing towards more challenging and exciting material. 

Each lesson is highly individualized for each student. At the beginning of our working together, we will chat about what your or your child's goals are as a student and musician. This will help me decide the right course of action to keep us engaged, learning, and on the best path for you. Every lesson I have begins with a check in that can consist of personal stories or discussions on how our lessons are reflective of your goals. I believe in exposure to multitudes of ideas and techniques, but also encourage students to "take what they like and leave the rest." I am quite receptive to feedback and am flexible in making sure our lessons are working for you.

If this sounds like a good fit or you simply have more questions, please contact me so we can schedule a time to chat.

Interested in working with Jacob?

Which instruments do you teach?

I teach Guitar and Voice lessons to all ages.

Are you offering virtual lessons?

I offer virtual lessons at a discounted rate and am currently teaching in person lessons outdoors or indoors masked.

How long are lessons?

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. I often start students at 30 minutes and then expand if necessary or desired.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before our lesson time. If a lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of a lesson and we are able to reschedule for a time within two days of the original lesson, then we’re all good! If we are unable to reschedule, the cancellation fee is your lesson rate.

What is your rate?

My rates work on a sliding scale to facilitate providing lessons to students whom full price may be inaccessible. Credit to Worts and Cunning for the language.

Sliding Scale Tiers based on personal income:


Under 30K a year: (for those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for this class would still be a significant hardship.)


    30min: 20         45min: 30         60min: 40


30-50K a year: (for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying for this class may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create hardship.)


    30min: 30         45min: 40         60min: 50


50K-100K a year: (the actual price of my classes)


    30min: 40         45min: 50         60min: 60


    In Person:

    30min: 55         45min: 65         60min: 75


100K and above: (pay it forward tier to help me offset costs for discounted tiers)


    30min: 50         45min: 60         60min: 70


    In Person:

    30min: 65         45min: 75         60min: 85

Are private lessons right for me?

Contact me and lets find out together!