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Jacob Shipley

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Jacob Shipley writes, sings, and tells stories about the awkward, uncomfortable, and painful moments in life that he’d rather not repeat. Some of his music is sorrowful, some sardonic and humorous, but all of it comes from a deeply personal place that is easy to connect with because we’ve all been there. His lyrics are poignant, his voice accessible, his range impressive, and his guitar work effortless and subtly intricate. Listening to Jacob is like reminiscing with an old friend: not everything was easy, but at least we made it through.


Jacob has been compared to Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, and Taylor Swift and has received accolades from AlexRainbirdMusic, Indie Band Guru, and Ear to the Ground Music. He has performed live at The Bitter End, The Troy Music Hall Summer Concert Series, and Rockwood Music Hall. In theatre, Jacob has starred as John Newton in the first national tour of “Amazing Grace: the Musical” and was featured in the first actor-musician production of "Godspell."


He splits his time between unceded Mohawk and Lenape lands (Upstate New York and New York City).


“Emotive lyrics... rich vocals... dynamic instrumentation ...the future of folk music."

- The Other Side Reviews

“Endearing… highly engaging… Jacob superbly touches on feelings of anxiety, frustration, confusion, and isolation."

- Nexus Music Blog

"Guitar playing is exceptional… pure passion… every single gesture here matters…"

- Fruit Sonic

“Uplifting... clear vocals… confident... self assured… bright clean guitar… inviting…”

- Music for the Misfits